If you go into a job not meant for you, you do not only make life difficult for you but also for those around you. You will not be able to handle that position and as you climb the various hierarchies of competence, the demand on fluid intelligence increases. So, unless you want to fail, you have to figure out the best career for you. One of the major factors to consider is the stress level involved in the job you are going for.

Additionally, most people have at least one significant weakness in their intelligence personality make up. So, you have to place yourself in a position where yours would not be a total flaw. If you want to maximize your chances for both success and well-being, you should find a strata of occupation in which you would have the right amount of intelligence to keep you moving forward.

Also, you should look at a place where you are not right at the top. This is because, if you are right at the top then you have mastered it. You should always go for something where you are a bit lower, so you have something to climb for. If you are not hyper-conscientious, you will not want to get into a job that requires you to work 7 hours a week. The reason is that, you would want some hours of leisure. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting some leisure, but if you are someone who cannot stand sitting around doing nothing, then maybe you can go into a job that will require you to work 75 hours a week.

Furthermore, if you have a high IQ (130 – 166), then you can choose from the professional jobs. These includes – being an attorney, Engineer, Research Analyst, Trainer and manager. On the other hand, if you are between 115 – 110, then you can go into – copywriting, supervision, teaching or programming. However, this applies to people differently as in certain cases people in the lower IQ take professional jobs. Finally, it is pertinent for you to evaluate yourself. Identify the hobbies or activities you enjoy doing or anything that gives you fulfilment. Finding a job you love can be really exciting. Your personality matters a lot, your qualities, are you an introvert or extrovert? Do you like to work alone or in a group? and lots more. Getting the right answers to the question above will help you pick the best career for you.

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